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Corporate Formation and Business Planning: A variety of legal forms exist for operating a business, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages which can affect every aspect of the businesses' operations. We have assisted hundreds of clients in the process of identifying the various business and tax issues associated with the initial planning, structuring and formation of their business operations and then choosing the appropriate form of legal entity through which the business should be operated, whether a corporation, S corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, general partnership or limited partnership.

Business Law: Established businesses face ongoing legal issues and compliance obligations, and we advise clients on a wide range of business, tax and legal issues, including contract negotiation and drafting, capital funding, commercial loans, mergers and acquisitions, director liability, commercial leases, nondisclosure agreements, licensing arrangements, franchises, intellectual property matters, noncompete agreements, employment law, shareholder agreements, deferred compensation agreements, stock and equity appreciation plans and employment law issues.

Business Acquisitions and Divestitures: Our extensive experience with legal, business and accounting issues puts us in a unique position to advise clients who are looking to purchase or sell a business. The purchase and sale of a business involves a myriad of complex business, legal, accounting and tax issues, all of which have significant legal and tax implications. We guide clients through these issues at every juncture, including review of financial statements, assessment of financial strength, valuations, investigation and due diligence reviews, letters of intent, financing and payment options, contract negotiation and drafting, commercial leases, security agreements and final closing transactions.

Estate and Trust Planning: We help clients design estate plans that not only fulfill their specific concerns and intentions regarding the orderly disposition of their wealth, but which also address the various estate, gift, income and generation skipping taxes that come into play. Using our Estate Planning Organizer and an initial client meeting, we are able to gather pertinent information about the client's family, assets, liabilities, insurance holdings, goals and concerns, which enables us to quickly spot potential legal and tax issues, prepare an initial estate tax projection and make initial estate plan recommendations, including various options that may be available. Further discussions and meetings allow us to refine and customize the estate plan, following which the documents needed to implement the estate plan are drafted, circulated for review and discussed. Our normal estate planning package typically includes a Last Will and Testament, "Living Will" and Power of Attorney. Once all issues have been addressed, and the client confirms that the proposed estate plan and related documents accurately reflect his or her estate intentions, the documents are executed and then set aside in a secure location.

Estate Probate and Settlement: An integral part of our practice involves counseling clients in the administration and settlement of estates over which they have been named as Executor. The estate settlement process, which is under the jurisdiction of the Probate Court in Connecticut and the Surrogates Court in New York, can be time consuming, confusing and complicated, and is often overwhelming, particularly for family members who have recently lost a loved one. We ease this process by assisting the Executor in organizing the estate and gathering estate assets, explaining the Executor's legal obligations, explaining various options that may be available to the Executor in administering the estate, paying estate debts and expenses, preparing and filing of all necessary court documents and tax returns, handling audit examinations, making final estate distributions and securing final estate settlement approvals.

Fiduciary Services: It is not unusual for clients to name family members, colleagues or friends as Executors of their estates or Trustees of or their trusts. While these persons are often appropriate personal choices, they often lack the expertise necessary to fully comply with all of the fiduciary obligations and reporting requirements imposed upon them under this position. In addition, these duties can be time consuming, and the appointee may not have the time or scheduling flexibility needed to properly discharge his or her fiduciary obligations. Accordingly, and in appropriate circumstances, we will serve as Executor of an estate, or Trustee of a trust, established by a client. In this capacity, we will coordinate and either personally handle or supervise the various responsibilities of the Executor or Trustee, all with the goal of ensuring that the intended goals and wishes are properly achieved. We will also look to investment advisors outside of the firm for investment advice and portfolio management, and have the flexibility of working with any particular portfolio manager the client may prefer.

Tax Planning, Compliance and Return Preparation: The current federal and state tax systems impose a broad array of tax compliance obligations on businesses and individuals alike and involve complicated and confusing tax rules, regulations and interpretations. Our broad experience in federal and state tax matters allows us to help clients understand their tax obligations, satisfy all tax reporting and other compliance obligations and explore with the client various options that may be available in order to minimize tax impacts. Our firm also employs the most recent technology for assisting clients with the preparation and filing of federal and state tax returns.

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